Learn more about the Faculty of Organizational Sciences EDUKA


ear visitors, our website will furnish you with plenty of information related to our study programs, study benefits and all other services we offer to students, business entities and interested individuals. This higher education institution was founded in 2005 and nurtures the tradition of quality and applied education.

At a time when the environment has become full of major changes, from the evolution of information technologies to the pandemic, the purpose of education has shifted towards efficiency, and focus on the acquisition of key knowledge and skills. Faculty of Organizational Studies „Eduka“ is part of the biggest private University Business Academy in Novi Sad.

We are glad that our students spend their study time in a futuristically equipped space, which is designed to create the most favourable environment for working on oneself and one’s own competencies. During each year of study, students get to know start-up companies, technological and service companies all over Serbia and the region through active and mentored work. In this way, through studying, they will get to know numerous employers and experts in the field of their studies.

If you are looking for a unique educational experience, which shall represent a solid foundation for the career of a modern young man, the Faculty of Organizational Studies „Eduka“ is the ideal choice for you.

Professor Filip Đoković, PhD, dean